When I attach a photo to a form, it appears on an extra page at the end of the PDF, which is great except that sometimes the sub-text “Figure 1” spills-over onto another page after the image page.


Image/s attached to forms don't appear in the PDF.


That occurs when the top and/or bottom margins of your template’s DOCX are not large enough to contain the contents of the header or footer, respectively.


Increase the margin. That can be done by using the menu option Layout > Margins > Custom Margins. The way to select that option varies between different versions of Microsoft™ Word, for example it might instead be Format > Document > Margins. You can set an exact margin size, like shown below:

Tip: It can be hard to estimate how big to make the margin, so print an example page and then measure your header and footer size with a ruler. Alternatively, progressively increase or decrease the margin size until you find the point at which the body of the document stops moving up/down (i.e. stops being affected by the margin changes).

Beware: If there are section breaks in your DOCX then you may have pages with different sets of top and bottom margin settings. Then the header and footer labels will say, for example, "First Page Header -Section 2-". In that case, ensure that the last page has sufficiently large top and bottom margins.

An alternative approach could be to set your Word DOCX to have the header and/or footer only appearing on the first page of the document.

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