I want to create a Form (or Memo or Action), but the template I want doesn't appear in the drop-down list under Create in the Forms/Memos/Actions register.


That could be because of any of the following:

The template is not published. 

Publish the template. In APE Mobile on the web: Go to Templates, then find your template, and click Details. Next, click Publish. This will make the template available to add to your project (see below).

The template has not been added to your Project

Enable the template, to either make it available to projects by default or within specific projects, as described here.

The device needs to sync, or web page needs refreshing

On the app: Wait for your device to sync. That normally happens every 15 seconds when the app is running and the device is online.

On the web: Try refreshing the browser, if the template has been added to the project very recently.

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