Can I delete a form?


You can delete a form that has been Saved as Draft, but not one that has been Saved to Project.

We do plan though to address situations where people really want to delete a form, by adding either a way to archive or a special way to delete. For now, you could use one of the following workarounds:

Clear the Data in the Form

  1. If the form is closed, then the Project Owner can change from Closed to Open status (so it can be edited).
  2. Edit the Open form, to (a) clear out all data (to minimize its impact on reporting), or (b) change the Date Raised to something in the distant past, like 1 Jan 1900, so that it goes to the bottom of the register.

Re-Create the Project

Alternatively, you could re-create the project to clear everything in it, as follows:

1. Edit the project’s properties (via Admin => Projects) to make it inactive, and consider modifying its Name and Number so that they are different, e.g. rename from “Highway 17” to “Highway 17 old”.

2. Create a new project with the Name and Number that the first one had.

If mobile app users had subscribed to the old project then it will appear greyed out, and they can remove it from their iPad or Windows 10 device. After that, they won’t see it again.

More information:

We recommend having a test/example project in which you can save forms to project when testing new/modified templates.

A note about Exporting

If you export data from all projects, then that will include data from inactive projects. However, you can set a date range if, for example, you wanted to exclude all old forms. So, using both of the above methods may work best.

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