New Web App interface

We have given our Web App a new interface with:

  • A Project Home dashboard that shows graphically the activity in each project
  • A new way to communicate with us, directly through the app
  • Contextual help
  • Greater similarity between the web app and mobile apps
  • Better use of space by minimizing the left-hand menus when they’re not in use

For existing users: it will look different. The functionality you’re familiar with is still all there, it’s just that navigating there is slightly changed.

Project Home

When a project is selected, click the Project Home button to view graphs and summary information about its activity.

Project Administration

The functionality for project administration is available at the bottom of the project home screen:


There are new ways to get help:

Communicate with APE Mobile

Use the new Help button to send us a message, and we’ll reply, through the app.

Contextual help

Whenever you see the help button you can click it for help specific to that area.

Support Portal

You can also still create a support ticket, and see your existing support tickets, through the support portal.


We’ve renamed Reporting Tables to Custom Exports, because that describes it better.
The Export menu appears if your user account has permission to export.


The Admin Functionality is now under an Admin menu that appears if your user account has permissions for any of the administration functions.

TIP: To open multiple admin pages, right-click on an option and select to open it in a new tab or window.

More Information

If you have any questions, please ask APE Support.

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